3 June 2013

Planes, travel and Hawaii

More on my travels. First I want to mention some experiences on planes. I left Seattle on Alaskan Air and there was a request for a single passenger to change with a mother and baby in the back row. Seems a baby cant travel in the back row. It was the isle and I was happy to swap. I actually like the back row. For moving the flight attendant said they would look after me. I was more than happy to switch but got the digi player for free (normally a fee is charged). It was cool to be able to see a movie and then play games. I was offered free food also.

Then coming back to Australia with Qantas when I got of the plane and going to retrieve my luggage one of the flight attendants got a trolley for me then he got my bags and place them on the trolley for me. It was a great help. Of course controlling a trolley with one hand isn't the easiest. The last flight was fun. There was turbulence and being in the last row on my own I shared it with a few different people who had to find a seat because it was so rough. I am glad it was the last flight but found it fun all the same. Then you know its not a good thing to hear your name announced over the sound system. I go to baggage claim to be told I hadn't cleared customs to which I said yes I did. As they were working out what happened I see one bag come out. The other one missed the flight so they gave me an emergency kit with pj's and other toiletries. The missing bag had mainly souvenirs and my treats. They arranged to send it to the hotel when it arrived the following day. 

Now back to Hawaii. I arrived once again in rain. Not that it rained long but every final destination was raining. I was looking forward to some down time in Hawaii. Didn't do much except some shopping and watching sunsets. I was able to go to Waikiki Baptist Church and also did some walking. This time I even went swimming in the pool but found it not as good with a sore wrist. I also visited Teddybear World again. Its a fun place to visit and see Elvis.

I went for a walk around the canal, I thought if I walk to the bridge cross it and walk the other side to the other bridge and back. Well in theory it was good but in reality it was different. I crossed the bridge and then found it didn't follow the canal as closely and I was then when I got to the road to turn back I found I was quite a distance from the canal and on the other side of the golf course. what should have been around 40mins or so turned into a 1 and a half hour walk.

I did get to try some icecreams. Dipping dots, Doles Pineapple dairy whip, Haagen Daz which are all really good. (like Haagen Daz the best).

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pol said...

thanks for posting about your part of the hawaii trip and planes...I have so enjoyed following your trip to the states and back, you are a brave woman to make a huge trip like that on your own. God Bless
Paula O

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