4 June 2013

Historical Highlights part one.

As I have mentioned I did a tour with Trafalgar Tours called Historical Highlights. The tour started in Washington DC. I arrived from Atlanta 3 hours later than scheduled due to a delay with the flight. We started with a welcome snacks and introduction to the tour at the hotel where we got to meet our tour director who was very knowledgeable. The first couple I met were from Michigan and I found them very friendly and got on well with them for the tour.

Our first day was in Washington DC where we started with a half day tour. First up was the White house. This was up the end of the street we were staying on. It was smaller than I expected from the front. The back view is the view in many movies with a more circular entry.
On the way back to the bus I saw my first squirrel in Washington DC. 

Next we drove past some of the monuments and memorials and stopped at the WW2 Memorial 
 as well as the Korean and vietnam Memorials. Next was Arlington Cemetery. We had time to explore on our own in the afternoon and I got to see the other side of the white house.

World War 2 Memorial

At night we did a tour of the night lights. We stopped at some of the sights ending with the Lincoln Memorial which is so impressive at night. Most of the photos I took at night didn't work out very well but got one with me in front and you can see President Lincoln in the background.
It was a good day of learning history and seeing the sites. I will add more of the next days in the next installment.
PS the jacket was one I picked up for $10 from one of the street vendors. I only had one other with me and needed to buy one as it was chillier than I expected.

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