2 June 2013

More of Ausjenny's adventures.

Sorry for the delay in posting more. I didn't have much access to a computer where I could add photos. Also my wrist has been playing up again and I have to be careful how much I use it.

I still plan to post about my tour but need to work out what to post and may do it over several posts. I will continue from leaving Spokane to Seattle and Port Orchard. It was sad to say goodbye to friends in Spokane and I found it the most emotional of all the farewells. 

I arrived in Seattle after another early start. Once again arrived to rain. It was chilly and was most of the time there. I was able to meet my friend and another friend and we had brunch. I also got to see her friendly Squirrel Rocky (who now has a friend dubbed Rockette.)
I realise I haven't told you of my obsession with Squirrels. When ever I see them I go nuts! I get so excited like a little school kid. They are so cute and I could watch them for hours. (In fact I have even taken little videos of them). We do not have them in the wild (or suburbia) here in Australia and I tend to get hyper when I see them. I got to see a woodchuck also. (missed out on the chipmunks and the only raccoons had had an unfortunate accident with a car).

We had decided to take the ferry to Victoria BC and it was lovely there. Funny the ferry was so rough the first part of the crossing (didn't worry me but others were finding it rough) and about half way through it was calm the same on the way back. The Canadian side was calm!

We looked around Victoria and the second day went to the Butchart Gardens which are so beautiful. The roses were not quite out and the spring bulbs just finished but it was still beautiful. I am enclosing some photos.

They also have a Carrousel which is so cool I had to ride it as I have never ridden one that goes up and down before. But a note if you do ride one do not choose an animal with a tail standing up. its hard to get off and you tend to hit your leg (unless you are younger and fitter). It reminded me of Mary Poppins and I thought at any time we would take off like they did. I had so much fun.
It is a highlight for me. 

We had time to tour the Parliament building in Victoria BC Which is a beautiful building and the stain glass windows are amazing. Also the dome with its pictures is a work of art. It was well worth the visit. They even have people playing some of the early members of parliament.

We had a great time in Canada (and my wallet took a beating but hey I have 2 new hoodies) The last day in Port Orchard we relaxed and took it easy. My friends Daughter came over and we watched Mama Mia on DVD and I had Abba In my head for ages after in fact its still in my head!

I have a great time in Washington state but I was ready to head to Hawaii and some sun!

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