1 August 2012

Australian Christian Readers Blog Alliance Launch

This week ACRBA (Australian Christian Reader's Blog Alliance) was launched. A few months ago I was talking with Narelle Atkins and after some chatting we came up with this idea. We want to promote Australian books we are also happy to promote other books. While a blog alliance isn't a new idea many of the alliances have few books available outside the USA. We wanted to fill a void where Australian and other countries have a chance to help promote books. We hope to provide ebooks or pdf's for overseas reviewers and in some cases print books. 

We plan to feature two books a month, fiction the first week of the month and non fiction or children's books the third week. The first tours will take place in November and at this stage we have November and December booked up. We have several fiction books lined up for next year also. 

How can you be involved? If you are a blogger and reader you are welcome to apply to be a reviewer. We do ask that you blog regularly and have been blogging for a set time. Authors are also able to submit books to be reviewed. The blog address is http://acrba.blogspot.com. Here you will find our guidelines and where to apply to be a reviewer. We are excited about this new venture and hope you will join our excitement. 

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Narelle Atkins said...

As Jenny has said, we are very excited about the blog alliance and the opportunity to promote Christian books to an Australian audience and international readers :)

It is likely one of the Aussie publishers will have a limited number of print review copies available for overseas blog alliance members.

We welcome international members and book submissions, and we hope you will help us spread the word :)

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