30 April 2017

Book Review To Riches Again by Darlene Franklin

To Riches Again
Darlene Franklin
  • Publisher: Forget Me Not Romances, 
  • a division of Winged Publications (March 19, 2017)
  • Amazon link 

Book description:
A year ago, life was full of promise.
Elyssa Philbin partied with the rest of New York’s elite, not worrying about anything beyond her newest dress.
Ian and Bridget McDonnell, although part of a poverty-stricken family, lived secure in their parents’ love. Bill Ward looked forward to a prosperous crop, a new baby, and his loving wife.

Everything changed before the calendar turned to 1930. 

To Riches Again chronicles Elyssa and Bill’s return to wholeness after they have both lost everything, and gained much more—thanks in part to two orphan children.

My Review:
firstly thanks to the Author for my review copy.

I have to say I am really loving reading novella's at present and this is another really good read. I have read a few orphan train books with the ones that come to mind by Jane Peart. I find this whole subject fascinating as it's not something we hear much about unless I read a book with it in. Subjects like the Oregon trail etc are known about in Australia but the orphan trains are not known about.  The book features Elyssa who has fallen on hard times after the Wall street crash which takes her family away from her. She is bringing children across the country to Kansas and know families. She is also hoping to start a new life for herself there. 

Bill is a single but has been granted his request to adopt two children Ian and Bridget. I love the way Elyssa is with the children and fell in love with them. We also see how Bill falls in love with the children and Elyssa. I love the way this book flows and how we see how each of the main characters are wounded in different ways and what comes from that. 

A Wonderful read. 

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