28 April 2017

Book Review Love's Glory by Darlene Franklin

Loves Glory
Darlene Franklin
  • Publisher: Forget Me Not Romances, 
  • a division of Winged Publications (June 2, 2015)
  • Website

Book Description:
It’s 1919. Everything is changing—cars are common and airplanes helped win the War to End All Wars. Even the German-Americans of New Brandenburg, Texas, renamed their town Old Glory to prove their patriotism.
None of that matters to Beth Smith. In 1917, her boyfriend Garan Schmidt enlisted in the Army—and left her pregnant. She left home and built a new life for herself and their daughter.
When Garan finds Beth and their daughter in May 1919, he is eager to make amends and start over. Beth is unsure if she is ready to tell the truth that will set them free.

My Review:
This book takes place after World War 1 has ended. We see Beth with her friend Agnes waiting for her Agnes's brother and Smitty to arrive home from the war. When they arrive Beth realises Smitty is Garan and he soon realises he is a father. Garan wants to do the right thing by marrying Beth as he has never stopped loving her. Both he and Beth feel guilty for giving in to temptation and accepting God's forgiveness. Beth didn't want to return home to Old Glory where everyone knows her as she is not sure how they will receive her. I won't say more as I don't want to tell the story.

I enjoyed the story and learning even more about this part of Texas also. 

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