12 February 2017

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Hi All its been awhile since I did an update. Its just over 11 months since I had the operation on my wrist. While the wrist is stable and has healed well according to X-rays I still have quite a bit of pain in it. I saw a specialist this past week and he will be removing the plate hopefully in a few months. This should relieve some of the pain as I can feel the plate when ever I move my arm in certain ways. 

On the Occipital Neuralgia front I am now having lignocaine infusions which take place one day a week for a period of three weeks each time around just over four hours for the infusion and an hour monitoring. Of course by the time I wait around etc it can be up to seven to eight hours. After the first course I had around nine weeks of help. While it doesn't take all the pain away it does reduce it and when I have a major flare it is normally for a shorter time. I have just had my second course. This will happen about three months apart. I wasn't sure if it was working as well due to high pain but then realised the high humidity was causing yet another migraine on top of all the other pain and by taking some over the counter medicine I was able to relieve that one. The weather here has been very hot and higher humidity than we are use to. I have always had migraines from humid weather but had just forgotten. 

I will be seeing a specialist about my shoulder shortly soon as well so will see what he says is wrong with it and if anything can be done. I haven't been reading as much as I would like but have read a couple of books which I will get the reviews up  for ASAP.

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