13 February 2017

Book Review Lakwi's Lament by Jeanette O'Hagan

Book Description:
A middle-grade to Young Adult short story set in the fantasy world of Nardva:

Lakwi would love to read the books in the Royal library, but girls aren’t allowed inside. Her passion for books attracts the attention of her dashing older brother, Prince Rokkan, and her suave cousin, Lord Haka. Will her drive for knowledge lead her into more trouble than she can handle?

Lakwi's Lament originally appeared in Like a Girl Anthology and is related to The Herbalist's Daughter and the Akrad's Legacy series.

My Review
Firstly Thanks to Jeanette for a copy of this book.

I enjoyed the story of Lakwi as I do like fantasy or this style of book. I loved them as a child and still enjoy reading them. What I found interesting is that while this book is set in an imaginary land I can see similarities to some of the places of years ago. I could see the different kingdom's as ruled by clans. We see Lakwi wants to go into the royal library and read the books and study like her brothers and cousin but that is not what girls do. They learn to needle work and weave etc.

Her half brother can see how much she wants to read the books and maybe able to help her. She is also being paid attention by her cousin Lord Haka. Being such a short story I can't say much more except Lakwi isn't the typical princess. I liked her spunk and how she thinks on her feet so to speak. My one complaint is the story wasn't long enough. I wanted to know what happens next and would gladly read more in the series.

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Jeanette O'Hagan said...

Thanks for your review, Jenny. Glad you enjoyed the story :)

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