15 April 2014

Jenny's 52 treats Meeting Narelle Atkins

On Friday I was in the city to meet Narelle Atkins Debut author of Falling for the Farmer. We have been friends online for a few years and started the Australian Christian Readers Blog Alliance together.    

I decided to surprise her by getting to the airport. The plane was delayed so I had time to make it there. I got there to find the plane had arrived. As I was working out where they would come out I saw her coming down the escalator. I didn't have time to get my camera out so was waiting and she was looking right through me. She wasn't expecting me to be there. It was great to finally meet her. 

We took the bus back to the hotel and then I started showing of parts of the city of Adelaide. We saw some of the buildings in the city and came across an interesting house. Its all part of an art show at the art gallery. 

I took them over the new walkway to the Adelaide oval. I hadn't been over it myself so it was good to see what it is like. Then to look around the newly designed oval. 

We did a little more sight seeing then I took them round via the river. We are here on the University bridge. I have to admit I couldn't resist. You may see the padlocks on the bridge. This started last year and follows a tradition from Europe where couples will put there names on the padlocks and lock them to the bridge. Lunch was at the Crown Plaza Adelaide where I had a gift voucher for a meal. My niece Courtney joined us for lunch. It was a belated birthday lunch. 

After lunch was a walk ending up at Koorong which is where we found Narelle's debut book. It was so exciting. The sales girl could see out excitement asking if she could help when we explained about the book. She was jumping out of her skin to meet an author. It was so exciting. 

I put them back on the bus to the airport and then had time for a bit of a rest before meeting my good friend Robina for Tea.  We have been friends since 1976 and besides a photo possibly in 1980 we don't think we have had a photo together since. We had a great time catching up and don't you like the way the made the soy hot chocolate?

 It was a great day. Join me next week for my next treat. I am no idea what it will be yet as the week could be interesting. I am changing meds which means weaning of one before starting the new one with new side effects. Add one toothache which I am on antibiotics for as its an infection near the root. 


Narelle Atkins said...

Hi Jenny, It was so fun to meet you in Adelaide! Jay and I appreciated you showing us the sites, and the Koorong visit was a definite highlight. It was lovely to meet Courtney at lunch, too :)

Jenny Blake said...

It was cool wasn't it went way to fast.

Narelle Atkins said...

Yes, way too fast! Next time I hope we will have more time for a leisurely visit that includes the cricket :)

Suzie Johnson said...

How awesome, Jenny! I'm so glad you were able to spend time with Narelle. I will always treasure the time I spent with her last year. And you met her husband! I feel jealous. :)

Narelle Atkins said...

Lol, Suzie! I will eventually bring the whole family to a US conference. Or, you'll have to pack your bag and holiday in Australia :) But, it's much more affordable to travel by train in the US. That said, the Ghan and Indian Pacific are options that would please Jenny. The Ghan travels north-south (Darwin to Adelaide) and the Indian Pacific east-west (Sydney to Perth via Adelaide). Lots and lots of desert to see on both trips, lol.

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