27 December 2013

Where did I go

Hi all. I had two more Christmas Memories to share one last Friday and one on Monday. Friday I went back to the dr and found out I had a badly inflamed Gall Bladder full of stones. This explains the pain and fevers etc. I ended up in hospital Friday on a drip til Monday morning. To sick to post the interviews etc. Today I feel a little better, the pain is easing a little but still very weak. I am not eating a lot and still losing weight. 

The winner of the gift voucher was Michelle Dennis Evans, Thanks to all who entered. I have to have the Gall bladder out as soon as possible so may be quiet on the blog for a few weeks. I will post as I am able but please bear with me. 

Thanks also to all who have been praying for me its been very much appreciated. 


Julia said...

Oh, no, Jenny. I've had my GB out, Gallstones are painful, hopefully you'll feel MUCH better in a week or two.

Jenny Blake said...

Thanks Julia, I haven't had it out yet. see the dr on Thursday to get a referral. I just want it gone. It is still sore and I am still so exhausted. but I am able to eat a little but scared as to what to eat.

Chill N said...

Jenny, SO sorry to hear you haven't been well ... but very glad they found the cause. Sending wishes for a successful surgery when the time comes and quick healing.

Nancy C

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