2 August 2013

Ways Authors have Blessed Me.

Firstly a note on why posting is sometimes a little erratic Nov 29th last year I fell and injured my wrist. After a few trips to the dr and then an MRI in March we know it wasn't broken but it did have a lot of inflammation. It has been a slow process and still not right. There are times typing hurts. Then last week I trip and the front steps and jarred it which has set it back again. I am waiting for a specialist appointment and am on the waiting list and have been told it could take several months. (The prayer is it will be sooner rather than later). It does mean there are times It is just not up to typing out a blog post and at times I am reduced to one handed typing.

After my post the other day about issues that annoy readers I wanted to do the flip side. How authors have blessed me as a reader. There are several ways this has happened and I will share some here.

Firstly I remember the first fan letter I wrote to an author, it was Gilbert Morris. After reading some of the Appomattox Saga I just had to write and say how much I loved the series for all I learnt and thank him for the books. What made my day was when I collected the mail and there was a reply. It made my day and I  was so excited. I have written to other writers snail mail but never received a reply. Then in later years I started to email authors after reading books to say how much I enjoyed a book and its always a thrill to get a reply. Its not expected but it really does make a readers day. There have been some authors I have really connected with.

I remember when I read Cheryl Wyatt's first book and she mentioned cricket. Being a cricket fanatic this really impressed me and after emailing Cheryl to tell her how much I loved the book and the fact she mentions cricket and then found out how she too became a cricket fan. From this we struck up a friendship which I really value. The same has happened with other authors Virginia Smith is another that comes to mind, one of her books had a secondary character caring for her mother and the way she portrayed her gave me hope as I was in a very similar situation, we connected because of this story. There are many other authors who I have had similar experiences with, far to many to mention but I hope they know how much they are appreciated.

Forums like Seekerville is a great place where both writers and readers can interact readers are welcome and made to feel important. They share important events like a new author receiving there first call and when someone has a rejection and shares they support them. I have had this support firstly a few years back when mum broke her leg and went into the nursing home and again last year when I landed in hospital and again when mum passed away. I appreciated and still do the prayers and support I feel like I am with friends there.

This year I got to meet four of the Seekerville ladies including one who is also on a Goodreads forum. We went out to lunch and had a wonderful time. It really made this readers day.

On Goodreads there are several forums there including a Love Inspired Historical forum where the LIH writers interact with readers. The group welcomes new members and the interaction is good. As readers we have gotten to know many of the authors and feel like they are our friends. Janet Tronstad started a group for her Dry Creek which is great for readers also. Love Inspired also has a group which is great too. Several authors have groups that are active and a great way to get to know them.

The LIH group has been wonderful to me and other readers. When mum passed away they were wonderful and very supportive as with when I was sick. I am not the only one to benefit from there support either. In May this year about 12 authors and readers meet in Spokane WA for a couple of days for a retreat. This came about from my going to the states and wanting to meet Jillian Hart and it snowballed. While I was last to arrive it was a great time to meet fellow readers and a few authors. We had a blast and even a couple of husbands were there. I also got to meet one other author Carrie Fancett Pagels in Williamsburg.

I have had the same sort of support from authors all around the world and it does mean a lot to a reader. I have twitter but very rarely read it and am on facebook and do interact there but Goodreads would be the public forum I use the most. There are other blogs besides Seekerville I frequent that have also been supportive. One that comes to mind is craftie ladies of Romance another Love Inspired focuses blog. These are a few ways I have been blessed by authors. 


authorkathyeberly said...

I really enjoyed your post, Jenny! Isn't it fun getting to know the authors? I love the pictures!

Carrie Fancett Pagels said...

Jenny, It was SO great meeting with you at CW and our lunch at Colonial Williamsburg, our shopping adventure and all!!! You had such a rough time the year before and I was so glad to be on your USA itinerary!!! It was fun waiting for your arrival and then--you were here! So fun. Many blessings, Jenny!!!

Cheryl Wyatt said...

We love you, Jenny! You are such a blessing and an encouragement. I am thankful that cricket made us friends!

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