12 June 2013

Historical Highlights part 4.

 We left Williamsburg for Virginia and our stop was St Johns Church. This is the church where Patrick Henry made his famous speech which included quotes like "Taxation without Representation" and "Give me liberty or give me death". The Lady who was telling us about the church and the lead up to this speech was so good. I could have listened to her for hours and was sad when it ended. I even told her how much I appreciated what she told us and that I could have listened for hours. There is so much history there it's a pity we didn't get longer but we had an appointment at Monticello later in the day.
 Sign about the pew Patrick Henry sat in

We stopped for lunch but not sure the name of the place but there was a choice of places for food. There was a cat rescue place where they have cats that can be adopted out. I spent some time patting the cats and talking to the lady there. Being a cat lover it was nice to be able to pat the cats and give them some attention. The afternoon started with a trip to Monticello Thomas Jefferson's estate. We had a tour of the house and then looked around the grounds. Another impressive home this time with mountain views. 

It was a good tour and then onto the shenandoah river area and the sky drive. I will add more about this next time as it goes well with the evening and following days adventures.

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