11 June 2013

Historical Highlights part 3

Day Three we had a tour of Jamestown which was the first area settled in America. We learnt how hard it was for the first settlers and how they almost starved due to lack of food. We also could see how there housing styles changed due to the abundance of timber. We also saw how the Powhatan Indians who were native to the area lived.
We saw replicas of the ships that brought the first colonists to Jamestown. We learnt some interesting facts about the ships and the indian village. We then saw the settlement it was here the tour guide started to waffle and seemed to forget we were adults and treated us like fourth graders. Instead of letting us look around the area he talked on and on then we headed to the museum and I have to say I left to look around on my own as did others of our group. I did get a cute bear dressed like a Powhatan indian.

The above pictures are from Jamestown. 

We were back in Williamsburg to spend the afternoon. While we had free time I had arranged to meet Carrie Fancett Pagels an author I have meet online.

 We had fun looking around Williamsburg. We had a meal at one of the taverns and then looked at some of the buildings. At the Coffee house we got to taste either a hot chocolate, coffee or tea made the way it would have been in Colonial times. Chocolate back then was a different recipe which was bitter with spices. I had the hot chocolate and just couldn't drink it. It was bitter. The photo below is at the apothecary which we went to after the coffee house. 
Here we heard an interesting exchange. A wife asked if they sold arsenic to put in food at the same time pointing to her husband without him knowing. Carrie and I were watching and burst out laughing as the husband twigged what was happening he asked do you have mercury to put in fish looking at his wife. It was so funny the exchange the two shop assistants were not sure what to do. Yes both were sold. Then I said if we hear of a double murder with Arsenic and Mercury we will know who it was. I have to say it was really funny and we know they were joking as they were having so much fun with it.
 Below are a few other places we saw in Williamsburg

I had to add a photo of a squirrel I saw. 

We headed back into downtown Williamsburg and to a country store where I was able to get a t-shirt there and they have Haagen Daz Ice cream. I had been looking forward to eating this again in Hawaii and was so happy to find it in Williamsburg. 

It was a great afternoon spent with Carrie seeing Williamburg and sharing ice cream. 
I didn't do the tour optional which was a meal out and an entertainer who told stories and sang songs. I heard differing reports from how she got lost walking to the church to how she used the forum to promote her views on a few subjects. Overall I don't think I missed to much by not going.

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