18 September 2012

Oh how I miss my sleep

Am sharing a few photos of my tulips today so you can have a pretty picture amongst the post.

I have learnt that sleep is something that is really needed. Without it life is so much harder. I haven't had a decent sleep in over 3 weeks. The one night I was sleeping well we had the vandal going mad on my street. He pulled of a couple of pickets here and smashed the letterbox tried to kick in the gate and broke a picket, throw one picket that hit the house. It woke me from the best sleep I had had that week and then I couldn't sleep. He did a lot of damage on my side of the street. 

The past couple of days have been hard. I have been so tired that little things trigger me. Sunday I cried alot and then yesterday was similar. I was so tired I was just not coping. One thing that does help is walking it gets me out and is good for me.

Today after another sleepless night and feeling so totally overwhelmed I rang to see if I could see my dr and was able to get in today. One question what's stopping you from sleeping, well it could be that not sleeping! The more I can't sleep the more I worry about not sleeping which leads to not sleeping. I was also worried about not eating enough iron as I am not eating well as I am to tired to prepare food and don't know what I really want. I have been enjoying milkshakes but not wanting lots of foods. She said my colour is looking good (compared to what it was its really good) and didn't seem worried about the iron issue so I'm not worried anymore. Also a couple of other things I was thinking on are no longer an issue. It was good to be told I am doing the right things to help me through this time and offered suggestions for sleeping. The hardest is staying up til 10.30 pm which was my old lights out time. I need to try to get back to the habit of going to bed at this time so I have more chance of sleeping. Also a few other things to try. Getting the sleep pattern back will set me up for long term. 

I was having a hard morning but leaving the clinic I felt so much more positive and felt I finally had some answers and suggestions to help. 

I said going in that I felt like I had been put in a strange city and needed to get to point B without being given directions or any clues as to how to get there. It seemed people were telling me I would make it but not giving any directions or information to where the final destination was. I feel now I have at least a clue as to where to go. I am a practical person who needs practical choices. 

I am struggling to stay up tonight but will try to make it til 10.30 and am putting in some of the suggestions. I even had tea tonight and it wasn't as big an effort, I may not have eaten it all but I did eat enough and I don't stress now if I can't eat an entire meal as any is better than nothing. 


Keli Gwyn said...

I'm sorry this is such a tough time for you, Jenny. Unfortunately, grief is like that. My counsel is to be easy on yourself and not expect too much too fast. Time will bring restored health, both physical as well as emotional.


Charles W. Page MD said...

Howdy from Texas
Jenny have been following your blog and keeping up on your recuperation
There's some things you gotta know and some things you gotta do
1.Know God's providence--there is nothing you are going through that has not passed through His hands--sometimes God gives us "seasons of sleeplessness" for a higher purpose (Job 7)
2.Know God's provision-- (Phil 4:19)-- If Jesus can sleep calmly in the midst of a storm--You have the spirit of Christ within--the challenge is appropriating what has already been given to you in Christ Jesus
3.Know God's protection-- (psalm 91)--the One who never slumbers or sleeps has your back and is able to do for you what you cannot do for yourself.
You already know what to do
1.Pray--Get up and ask--We have not b/c we ask not (James 4:2-3)--if you ask for a solution to your sleeplessness--God will answer--maybe not the way you expect (maybe through your doctor)--but He will answer
2.Meditate (Psalm 119:148)--after givinng your concerns over to God you must fill your mind with what is good, noble, just lovely (phil 4:8)or those thoughts that rob you from sleep will boomerang back into your mind.
3. Appropriate His promises--like Psalm 4:8; Psalm 3:5;Prov 3:22-24
4.Sing--I know it sounds like a kinda weird cure for sleeplessness--but Think about Paul and Silas (Acts 16)--how their song in the night brought in the presence of God
Sorry--got a little carried away
chuck page

Ausjenny said...

Thanks Keli and Charles. I was able to stay up til 10.30. I got 5 and a half hours and do feel better for that.
Charles music has been helping me alot and I do believe God provided that appointment for me yesterday with my dr. Some of the things I had on my mind (iron intake) she wasn't worried about so if she was ok with it so am I and it feels good to not have that worry. Also just the talk and her giving other strategies made such a huge difference. She suggested the relaxation and meditation also (although not sure she meant the same way but I am finding the devotional I have now is very helpful).

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