10 June 2012

Book Review Dangerous Impostor by Virginia Smith

Back of the Book

On a business trip to Las Vegas, Lauren Bradley discovers her coworker's dead body in the hotel room next door. With a shaky alibi and evidence mounting against her, Lauren becomes the number one suspect. No one believes she's being framed. Except her new boss, Brent Emerson. But the secret she's keeping from her handsome protector threatens to destroy everything. In a city full of dangerous impostors, deception and murder, Brent and Lauren have to ferret out the real killer before Lauren is arrested—or becomes the next victim.

My Review:
I recently bought this book from the Book Depository and had to read it.
 I love Virginia’s books and she is on my auto buy list. This book didn’t let me down and left me wanting more. Lauren is in Las Vegas with a Co-worker for a conference but while there he is murdered and she is the main suspect. Brent is her boss who seems to be the only one who believes she’s innocent and being framed. This leads to some interesting situations. I really felt for Lauren, we learn she is an only child after her mother died when she was a baby and has a father who doted on her and gave her everything. This is a job she landed on her own and she wants to prove she can stand on her own two feet. Someone seems to have it in for her and all the evidence seems to lead to her. The setting for this book is interesting and really does add to the story. I was wanted to keep reading to see what happens next and who was responsible. I also want to read more in this series. Great book.

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