8 May 2012

Book Review Threat of Darkness by Valerie Hansen

Book Description:

As a nurse and special advocate for children, Samantha Rochard is used to danger in small town Serenity, Arkansas. But when she suspects a little boy is in jeopardy from his powerful father, the danger turns on her. Her only source of protection? The handsome police officer who broke her heart five years ago. Yet after John Waltham comes to her rescue in more ways than one, Samantha must trust in him—and the Lord—to watch over her…and save one sweet little boy.

My Review:

Thanks to Netgalley for my review copy.

I enjoyed this story. Samantha is a nurse who is also a CASA advocate (Court appointed special advocate). John has come back to Serenity, working with the police and comes across Samantha after an attack at the hospital. Samantha and John have a history and he is not who she wants to see. When she calls for help the police don't react straight away as she has reported people for child abuse before and not always been taken seriously. Thanks to an incident at the hospital Samantha seems to be in danger and John is determined to keep her safe. I have heard of CASA before thanks to Dr Phil and was interested seeing it referred in this book. Its an important role and more advocates are needed. I love how the book highlights the work. While Samantha is in danger she is also on a case where she suspects a well respected man of abusing his child. This book deals with perceptions and how two people can have two different memories, It also deals with forgiveness and acceptance. The book kept me guessing til the end. A good read.

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