19 May 2012

Book Review Stalker in the Shadows by Camy Tang

Book Description:

Lately, nurse Monica Grant feels she's being watched. Followed. And then she receives a threatening letter--accompanied by a dead snake. If she doesn't stop her plans to open a free children's clinic, she'll end up dead, too. Terrified, Monica turns to former lawman Shaun O'Neill--who believes the same madman murdered his own sister five years before. She understands how much it means to the handsome, heart-guarding man to save her--and her dream. Even if he has to lure a deadly stalker out of the shadows--straight toward himself.

Book Review:
I bought this book recently and couldn't wait to start it.
This is the third books featuring the Grant sisters. This time the book features Monica Grant. Monica is a nurse and wants to open a free children's clinic and starts getting threatened to stop or else. Shaun O'Neill is back home and believes this is the same stalker that killed his sister 5 years ago. They team up trying to find who is behind the gifts and letters and why they don't want her to open a free clinic. I really loved the way Camy set this story up and the interaction between the various characters. We also see Monica and her father argue about the clinic. We also see how Monica has to deal with his feelings and the way he has always made her feel as if she didn't measure up in his eyes. Monica's feeling thats she doesn't measure up is something I and I am sure many readers can relate to. It's not always intentional and sometimes the parent doesn't even realise the child feels this way. I appreciated how this was dealt with. This was a really good read and I can't wait for more by Camy. 

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