24 May 2012

Book review Hometown Family by Mia Ross

Product Description:

Since when is prodigal son Matt Sawyer a small-town farmer surrounded by kin? Since the terms of his late father's will demand he stay in Harland, North Carolina. Terms that attorney and hometown gal Caty McKenzie has to ensure are carried out. Matt left Harland years ago and never looked back. But running the farm and spending time with Caty brings out a caring, faithful side of Matt that he didn't know existed. And Matt's soon to discover the real challenge: convincing love-shy Caty to stay right there with him.

Book review:

Firstly thanks to Mia for my copy, she kindly sent me one to save me having to wait till it came to Australia. 

This is a good debut book. Caty is a lawyer who is back in her home town due to a funeral and as the attorney for the deceased has to deal with the family. Matt is the oldest son who doesn't want to be back on the farm. Matt left the farm as soon as he finished school and hasn't wanted to return, the place has memories he would rather not deal with. For Caty Harland is a place she grew up and has always wanted to return to. Caty Attorney training makes sure shes isn't a push over. She can hold her own with the best of them. Matt is use to saying what he wants not being questioned and he meets his match with Caty. There are sparks and not always in a good way. I love the interaction between them and the strength Caty shows. We also see the compassion she has. This is a good story and I look forward to more in the series.

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