1 May 2012

Book Review Bound by Grace by Amber Stockton

Book Description:
Unlike other young ladies, Charlotte Pringle would rather run her bookshop than pursue eligible gentlemen. But when her parents pressure her to agree to an advantageous match, she fears she'll be trapped in a loveless marriage. Richard Baxton feels pressure at every turn in the wake of his brother and sister-in-law's accidental death. Now he's responsible for the family business and his niece Grace, who is unable to walk. When Grace's love for books leads him to Charlotte's bookshop, Richard is drawn to Charlotte's sweet spirit. But with endless problems on the horizon, will God's grace enable them to accept the hardship with dignity and strength?

My Review:
Firstly thanks to Amber for my copy, I won this in a contest.

This is a good read. I have read other books by Amber and her first series feature earlier generations of Charlotte the heroine. Charlotte has a love of books and runs her own bookshop. Her mother wants her to be like the other girls her age going to the social events and finding a husband. Richard is the guardian of his niece Grace after the death of her parents and meets Charlotte when he is looking for books for Grace who is also a book lover. What I enjoyed about the book is the way Charlotte has a brain and uses it, rather than settling for any man she wants a man who will love her and accept her for who she is. She is happy to run her bookshop and help others find the books they want. I like Richard also as he is working out how to be a guardian and wants to do the best he can for Grace and his family. I have to say Charlotte's younger sisters are also fun in this story especially the youngest one. This was a good read and I do look forward to the next one in the series.

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