30 April 2012

Book Review The Heart's Song by Winnie Griggs

Book Description:

Widower Graham Lockwood hasn't stepped foot in a church since he lost his family. So he can't possibly say yes to his new neighbor's request that he lead the handbell choir. But widowed mother Reeny Landry is so hopeful - and her fatherless children so in need - that Graham agree to help. 

Suddenly, the man who closed himself off is coming out of his shell. And he finds himself acting the father figure to Reeny's sweet mute daughter and loner son. But going from neighbor to husband is another matter altogether. Until a loving family teaches Graham to hear the heart's song.

Book Review:
Firstly thanks Winnie for this book. I won it in a contest and got to choose which book I want. From the first time I heard of this book and then all the interviews I really wanted to read this book. The book didn't disappoint. The book features Reeny and Graham who have both lost their life partners. Reeny also has been given the chance to do something to honor her husbands memory. She has a dream of a handbell chior. Her daughter is mute and this is something she can participate in. Graham is running from the loss of his wife and anyone he knows as well as God. The last thing he wants is to be involved in this choir. I have to add a mother in law who has other ideas to honor her son. I enjoy the story and how it played out. Loved Reeny's daughter. I would love to hear a handbell choir and this book had me wanting to be in one. This is a special story and one I am so glad I got to read.

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