29 April 2012

Book Review The Engineered Engagement by Erica Vetsch

Book Description:

A Kennebrae keeps his word...
But Grandfather made the promise, and Eli Kennebrae is expected to carry it out.
Josie Zahn has admired Eli from a distance for years, but Eli hardly knows she exists other than as just "one of the Zahn girls." If only she could get his attention...
When Father announces her older sister Clarice's engagement to Eli, both girls are crushed. Is there no way out of this nightmare?
Deception, intrigue, and danger make life miserable for the Zahns and the Kennebraes as they learn that Divine enginneering is far better than human manipulation.

Book Review:
This is another book I bought the end of last year. After reading the second in this series I was interested in reading more. This book features Eli the third Kennebrae son and Josie Zahn. Josie's father and Eli's grandfather join forces to manipulate Eli and Josie's older sister to marry. Josie has loved Eli from afar and accepts she isn't the bride for Eli. Eli also is not keen on the arrangement as he doesn't want to be married. We also see Josie wants to learn more, she is an expert at maths and wants nothing more than to go to college and study but her father had different ideas as to what a women should be able to do. The book shows how women at the time were starting to want to to be more than just wives and homemakers.  I loved Josies spirit and and courage. Josie has two little sisters who steal some scenes and a strong grandmother who I just love. I enjoyed this book.

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