7 February 2012

Book Review: A Deadly Game by Virginia Smith

Book Description:
It began as a harmless game, a competition of wits between ten wealthy businessmen. But when one of them is killed, Susanna is drawn into a nightmare like she never imagined. The only person she can rely on is someone she vowed she would never trust: the son of a billionaire, very much like the man who ruined her life three years earlier. And though she hasn’t talked to God in years, she must now pray that Jack can help her figure out the clues in an ingenious game with the highest stakes of all — life and death.
Book Review:
I bought this book last year and have been waiting to read the book and wasn't disappointed. Due to a what should have been a harmless game turns dangerous and puts Susanna in danger in a way she could never have imagine and Jack becomes involved due to co-incidence. Susanna doesn't want to trust Jack as she has had bad experience with one before but Jack is the only one who can help. The story hooked me from the beginning and had me wanting to find out what next. I love the concept of the game and how it should have played out. The twist making it deadly adds to the drama. A good read. I have heard she has another coming out shortly and can't wait to read it also.

1 comment:

Judy DeVries said...

This was quite a unique book. I enjoyed it as well Jenny!

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