27 January 2012

Book Review Reunited Hearts by Ruth Logan Herne

Back of the Book

Back in his hometown, military hero Trent Michaels comes face-to-face with a twelve-year-old boy who looks just like him. Same dark curly hair. Same blue eyes. And the boy calls Trent's old flame, Alyssa Langley, mom. Trent was a foster kid from the wrong side of the tracks when he fell in love with Alyssa. But she cast him aside because he wasn't good enough—or so he thought. Now Trent is determined to connect with his newfound son. And to get the truth from the woman he never stopped loving….

Book Review
I bought this book last year and have been eager to read it. The story is about a small town in New York state and stars Trent Michaels who is retired from the military and now back in his home town and Alyssa who was his former girlfriend who has a secret of her own and has recently also returned following her fathers heart attack. 12 years ago Alyssa left when she found out she was pregnant without telling Trent to save him having to choose between her and the military. 12 years later a chance meeting and he learns hes a father. The way the story plays out is interesting, seeing Trents reaction and learning why Alyssa kept quiet and what else has happened in this time. We see them dealing with old feelings and new ones. Trent is angry but he has feelings for Alyssa but she hurt him when she left. Aylssa is dealing with alot of heartache and guilt over decisions she has made. This book deals with alot of emotions and past feelings. Again we see how things from our past can affect our future and can be hard to get over. I enjoyed the book and am eager to read the rest in the series. 

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