28 January 2012

Book Review The Nanny's Homecoming by Linda Goodnight

Back of the Book
After her fiancé calls off their wedding, Brooke Clayton has nowhere to go but home.
If she can survive in the tiny Colorado town for a year, she'll fulfill the odd terms of her estranged grandfather's will. Turns out the wealthy businessman next door, handsome single father Gabe Wesson, needs a nanny for his sweet toddler—and Brooke needs a job. But Gabe sees Brooke as a reminder of the young wife he lost. Given their pasts, do they dare hope to fit together as a family...forever?

My Review:
A friend sent me this book and I am grateful. This is a nice story and the first in the Rocky Mountain Heirs series. Brooke is back in Clayton due to her grandfather passing away. He has a stipulation in his will that affects the 6 cousins. Brooke needs a job but not working with children. She is so sure she can't work with children but finds she is drawn to AJ, Gabe's son. Gabe is a wealthy businessman who lives next door and needs a nanny for his son AJ. We see how the pass can affect us into the future especially when it happens to us as a child. Brooke can't get past something that happens when she was a child and this clouds her thinking into adulthood. There also seems to be someone trying to scare her and trying to make her leave. I enjoyed the story and its left me wanting to read the rest in this series. I want to know what will happen. The book although in the series and number one is still a complete story in itself. Good read.


Judy DeVries said...

I really enjoyed that series! This book was a great start to it. Great review Jenny!

Marianne said...

Wonderful review. Thanks

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