6 October 2011

Getting to know you Thursdays with Mary Moore and giveaway

Today I am welcoming Mary Moore whos debut book has just been released with Love Inspired Historical. I got to know Mary after winning her book at the 400 member party at the Love Inspired Historical Goodreads group. Mary has also offered to give one of my blog readers a copy of her new book. Please feel free to leave comments for Mary also.

1.  Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Sure!  I’m 55 years old and my husband, Craig, and I live with our black lab, Darcy, in the Blue Ridge Mountains in southwestern Virginia (USA).

2.  When you were a child did you have a favourite book or books?

My sister and I had the story of Cinderella that came with four yellow (if you can believe it) 45 records (which you have never even seen J) that you listened to as you read along with the book.  That was pretty ahead of its time and we wore it out! (Jenny here I know what a 45 record is I still have some. I have some nursery rhymes and even and Noddy and big ears story on one.)

3.  Do you have a favourite Genre to both read and write?

Absolutely!  I’m a Regency fanatic.  I started reading Georgette Heyer’s Regencies in my teens and I was hooked.  That was before I’d ever heard of Jane Austen!  Since then I read all that I can find (that are pretty clean and/or inspirational).

4.  Did you have favourite authors growing up who have influenced you?

I pretty much gave this away in #3.  It is definitely Georgette Heyer.   I love the era of her stories, but her stories are always witty and intelligent with heroes/heroines you love to love.  And each story is so different than the one before it…she was just so creative and funny.

5.  When did you know you wanted to be an author?

Actually, I never really wanted to be an author; at least not in the way I always thought of as an author.  I started writing the stories for myself and when a few people told me I should try to get them published, I sort of tried, but when nothing came of it, I just kept writing them for me.  When I pulled out the old manuscripts a few years ago, that’s when I decided I would polish them and try again.  Imagine my surprise when my agent, Jenni Burke, liked them!  I think I might know NOW that I want to be an author!

6.  If you were not a writer what would you like to be?

Retired!  I’m kidding, I think.  I never really wanted to “be” anything but a wife and mother.  When we determined that the Lord didn’t intend us to have children, I had a career in the health insurance industry for 20+ years in the Washington, DC area.  It was never actually a chosen career, but I worked my way up through the ranks of a great company and didn’t leave there until we relocated to VA.  I work part-time at a “real” job, and I’m looking forward to writing as a way to retire and do something I really enjoy. (Jenny again, I wanted to be a wife and mother too only I never found the husband which kinda made it not happen.)
7.  Outside of reading what do you like to do?

My husband and I have always liked to do quite a few things.  We like antiquing, though we can’t afford to actually buy antiques! J  We love the fall when festivals and fairs abound.  We enjoyed weekend travelling, but our lab is pretty old now so we can’t take her with us and we won’t leave her behind.  We love movies and special date nights.
8.  Do you have a place you would love to visit?

Actually, my family is all Irish and I have always wanted to visit there.  Of course, it would be amazing to travel to England and experience some of the sites and history of the Regency era.  It would be really fun to combine those two!

9.  If you could have a meal with 3 living people who would you choose and why?

My husband would always be one, wouldn’t be any fun without him, but the other two, that’s hard!  I think one might be Billy Graham.  How awesome to just sit and listen to him talk about his experiences, where he’s been and who he’s met.  It just amazes me when I think about the impact he has had on our world.  There are so many inspirational people in the world; I know one gentleman I would love to talk to one-on-one is the gentleman from your side of the world, Nick Vujicic.  He’s an amazing witness for the Lord!
(Nick is the man with no limbs I believe he is very inspiring)

I wanted to let you know about my new book with Love Inspired, The Aristocrat’s Lady.  It’s a Regency, of course, and my debut novel.  I’m so excited about it and hope your readers will give it a try.  I pray there’s a message in it for everyone.  You can reach me at www.marymooreauthor.com, facebook.com/mmooreauthor, and/or mmooreauthor@swva.net.  The book is available at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com as well as on Kindle and Nook.

Jenny, thanks so much for this opportunity to introduce myself to some of your readers.  It’s been a blessing!


Ausjenny said...

Feel free to leave comments as well as enter the draw.

misskallie2000 said...

Hi Mary, I still have (somewhere) my yellow vinal record from Cinderella with the mice singing her song and Bippty Bobbty Boo on flip side. Cinderella was my fav book (and movie) and still is 62 yrs later.
I love romance books and would love to win your debut novel, The Aristocrat's Lady. Thanks for the opportunity to enter giveaway.

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

Mary Moore said...

Hi misskallie2000!
I can't believe you still have your Cinderella records...I can't believe anyone else is even familiar with it! It said "zook, zook" to make you turn the page! I sure wish I still had mine. Don't know when it got away from us, but my sister and I talk about it every once in awhile :0)

If you win the book, please let me know what you think!

In Him,

Rhonda (Ritty) said...


I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the author, Mary More. I was excited when she said "We like antiquing, though we can’t afford to actually buy antiques! J We love the fall when festivals and fairs abound."

That matches me to the "T"!

As a side note: I have been to Ireland and it is well worth the journey!!! I can recommend all the best Bed & Breakfast places to stay and much more!! :-)

I would love a chance at winning the book! Looks like a great story!

Blessings on your ministry!

Mary Moore said...

Ritty, what a great nickname! How are you? Sounds like we have a lot in common! And how jealous about your visit to Ireland. Somehow I don't think I'm going to get there anytime soon...my husband has never been on a plane! And it could take a small miracle to make him start now! :0)

My sister and sisters-in-laws talk about the girls taking a trip, but don't know if that will ever get coordinated. But, I'll ask Jenny to hang onto your email if I ever get to go so you can give me the inside scoop.

I hope you like the book! Thanks for coming by, I'm liking "the land down under!"

In Him,

Melissa Jagears said...

I had this cool 45 player that had light squares on the top that lit up in patterns. I remember "wearing out" Thumbelina the ballerina. However, we also didn't get a VCR until Toy story came out, I used a ringer washer and a typewriter when everyone else had word processors and just starting to have home computers, so we were a bit behind the times.

I've yet to read a Heyer, I do believe I downloaded one to my kindle. Do you have a recommendation for "if you only read one Heyer, read this one?"

Ausjenny said...

Great to hear your story Mary. I too have Irish ancestors and love to write and read about days gone by. I hope your book is a great success. I remember what it was like to have the first one out there in the public domain. Like sending a child to school really. I'll get your book on my Kindle and look forward to reading it.
This comes from Carol

Anne Payne said...

It's nice getting to know a new author and I really appreciate your transparency in your interview. Regency is my favorite as well and I love Heyer & Austen's books. Blessings to you both, Jenny & Mary!

pol said...

Hi Mary, Good to meet ya, I love the name of your dog. quite original. It was good to learn a little about you from the questions. It sounds like you have had a full life and I am happy for you that you are retired now and writing books, this looks like it would be good story, I like the regency era also and read lot of G.Heyer when I was younger. Thanks for sharing your story and your book.

Mary Moore said...

Hey Melissa!

Whoa, I think you were a litte ahead of the times with that 45 player. I remember in high school some had speakers that would do that...what were they called? And now that you mention it, I remember Thumbelina, but I don't remember the story.

Oh dear, recommend just ONE Georgette Heyer? OK my favorite one is "The Devil's Cub." If you like Regency though, you will like them all. Many people say "The Grand Sophy" but that was never at the top of my list, great though. "Arabella" is also great. Oh see, now you've got me started. Pick any of those three, and I bet you'll be hooked. Makes me want to go get one and start reading it now (they are all rubber banded together I've read them so many times!)

Thanks for stopping by and reminscing with us!

In Him,

Mary Moore said...

Wow, Jenny,

I'm having a blast! What wonderful subject will we get to next????

Hmmmmmm, I've mentioned this once or twice on another blog, but anyone else a HUGE John Wayne fan?

In Him

Mary Moore said...

Carol, good morning! (Ooops, am I on a different time zone than everybody else? :0)

You're an author, too! I never had kids, but I think I know what you mean...you put your book out there and you wonder will people be nice to your "kid" or mean.

And you've got some Irish in you, too! I have a little bit TOO much Irish in me! My mother's maiden name was Callaghan and my maiden name is O'Leary...no chance of escaping the fun AND the temper!

Let me know what you think of the book if you get it and thanks so much for stopping by!

In Him,

Mary Moore said...

Hi Anne,

Oh my gosh, I just noticed the time on my last entry. You guys are all sound asleep in your beds! It's a little after noon here. It's OK, I'll be here when you get up in the morning! :0)

I love to connect with Regency lovers (sigh to Heyer and Austen). One goal with my book was to give Regency readers their Regency "fix" and to interest someone who may not have been a Regency fan, become one. You'll be able to tell me if I accomplished that.

Thanks for the blessings and for coming by today...yesterday...tomorrow? :)

In Him,

Mary Moore said...

Hi Pol!

You got here pretty late last night! Thanks for stopping in before bedtime!

Everyone's going to laugh at me, but as a Regency fan, you MIGHT laugh nice! We were supposed to get a male lab and I knew right away we were going to name him Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice! It turned out we got a girl. But we decided we could drop the Mr. and Darcy fit as a girl's name! Nuts, huh? She's our baby (well 13 year old baby).

Thanks for the kind comments. But it's my husband who is retired. I still work part-time and we're very active in our church. I don't know when the second book will get written!! Just kidding, hopefully, I'm working on it even now!

I look forward to your thoughts on the book.

In Him,

Ausjenny said...

Mary, the time stamp should be Aussie.
I wasn't a big John Wayne fan till later and now I really like his movies.

Carol is a great author I finished her lastest book Charolotte's Angel yesterday its set early Australia and wonderful as is Mary's Guardian (which is still in my top 10 for 2011)

Thanks to everyone else who has visited and entered.

Ausjenny said...

From KC Frantzen & May the K9 Spy

Hey AusJenny!
Hope you're having a good evening!!! May and I are getting our morning up and running over here!

Thanks for the super interview!

Mary - guess what? We have a D'arcy too - she's a shepard/border collie mix (we think)... :)

This looks like a super book! Wishing you much success!!!!

Ausjenny said...

Still a couple of tweats needed for the form as some put comments there also. but I have had more entries than I have had in quite awhile.

Mary Moore said...

Hey, KC and K9! (I love it!) I've had something in common with almost everyone today (tonight?)! I hope you love your D'arcy as much as we love ours.

Thanks for visiting Jenny, I loved to meet everyone!

In Him,

Helen W said...

Love to discover new authors Mary :) And I DO love the regency period!

Ausjenny - we're doing the form too now. Would be so good if you could include a comment box that automatically posts onto the blog, wouldn't it?! (Well, if I wrote my own blog I could do that, but why would I rewrite what blogger already provides? lol)

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