5 October 2011

Book Review Best Forgotten by Paula Vince

Book Description:
A young accident victim wakes up in hospital and can't remember who he is. Why does he have nothing in common with his family? Why does he despise the person he was supposed to be? Why has his best friend disappeared without a trace? Is somebody after him? His family can offer no solutions. His girlfriend is strangely aloof and he cannot shake off a feeling that the answers will prove more unpleasant than his amnesia. Somehow he must find out as it seems time is running out. Paula Vince has woven elements of secrecy and suspense with her trademark warmth and compassion. Best Forgotten is an inspirational masterpiece you won't forget.

My Review:
This is an intersting book by Aussie author Paula Vince. A young man runs out into the dark and is hit by a car. When he comes to he has no idea who he is. As he is told who he is he wonders what his life was like and finds he doesn't like everything he sees. He finds out is mane is Courtne and his girlfriend seems to be evasive and he wonders if he is in trouble. He wonders if never remembering would be better than remembering his old life. I found it interesting watching the story unfold. At one point a comment is made to the effect of how having amnesia and forgetting the old life is like being given a clean slate to start over. There is a mystery in this story why was he running when he got hit. At some stages there is some humour in some otherwise serious situation. I actually was laughing at some of the things that happen. The book deals with forgiveness, acceptance, and also shows how the way we treat people can make or break them in ways we may not expect. Great book and I can see why this book is a finalist in the Caleb awards.

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Paula Vince said...

I really liked this review. Thanks :D

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