30 October 2011

Book Review Love's Winding Path by Lauralee Bliss

Love's Winding Path by Lauralee Bliss

HP 890
ISBN 978-160260-707-1

Red rocks. River rafting. Freedom!

From the back cover:

After years of impatient living and working on his parents’ peanut farm, Dan has finally escaped. Life as a river guide in Moab, Utah, is as far from peanut farming in Virginia as a man can get, and Dan revels in the newness of this life. An awesome job, a cool car, a place of his own—and a gorgeous girl.

Gorgeous or not, Jo has no intention of dating Dan. He’s just a bit too sure of himself, and he shows no interest in God. He’s also got issues to deal with, although, so does she. . . . But as long as Dan avoids God, Jo will avoid Dan. At least, that’s the plan.

When life in Moab takes some unexpected twists and turns, Dan must face who he really is. Maybe all that God stuff is true. But will he let go and believe, or continue to tough it out alone?

My Review:
Another book I bought while in the city and loved the story. I haven't been rafting but I loved reading about the formations in the area and the rafting experiences. Dan is sick of living and working on his families peanut farm and wants to be a rafting guide. Jo is already in Moab working with her cousins rafting business. Watching the story unfold with all the twists and turns was interesting. This book deals with unresolved issues which both need to work through. Another good book.

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