30 October 2011

Book Review In Search of a Dream by Pamela Griffin

In Search of a Dream by Pamela Griffin

Heartsong Presents #908
Historical Romance
ISBN 978-1-60260-881-8

From the Back Cover:
Clemmie Needs To Let Go.

After three years with no contact from him, Clemmie Lyons needs to put her dream of marrying Joel Litton behind her. To make the transition easier, Clemmie leaves Lyons’ Refuge with all its memories of Joel and visits a friend for the summer. But nothing prepares her for the moment she discovers Joel living nearby, trying to hide a terrible secret from all who knew him.

Joel is consumed with guilt and is sure God can never forgive him. He can’t let the Lyons family learn what has happened and be disappointed in and ashamed of him. But when Clemmie reenters his life and insists that God isn’t through with him, Joel finds himself strangely tempted to hope again.

Will these two friends find a way to make their dreams reality, or will guilt over the past ultimately drive them apart?

My Review:
Another book I bought in the city and loved the story. Clemmie has gone to visit a friend for summer and finds the boy she has loved since she was a child is living in the same area but he doesn't want anyone knowing where he is. Its hard to say to much without giving parts of the story away but I did like how Pamela handled the story. The book deals with forgiving oneself, accepting God's forgiveness, guilt and courage. Another really good read.

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