10 October 2011

Book Review Long Trail HOme by Vickie McDonough

Product Description:

The Long Trail Home is third in a six-book series about four generations of the Morgan family living, fighting, and thriving amidst a turbulent Texas history spanning from 1845 to 1896.  Although a series, each book can be read singularly.

When Riley Morgan returns home after fighting in the War Between the States, he is excited to see his parents and fiancée again.  But he soon learns that his parents are dead and the woman he loved is married.  He takes a job at the Wilcox School for the blind just to get by.  He keeps his heart closed off but a pretty blind woman, Annie, threatens to steal it.  When a greedy man tries to close the school, Riley and Annie band together to fight him and fall in love.
But when Riley learns the truth about Annie, he packs and prepares to leave the school that has become his home and the woman who has melted his heart.  Will he change his mind and find the love he craves?  Or will stubbornness deprive him from the woman he needs?
Through painful circumstances, Riley and Annie learn that the loving and sovereign hand of God cannot be thwarted.

Book Review:
This is the third book in this series by three authors. This book is set just after the civil war and is a good read. Riley has arrived back home to find his parents are dead and his girlfriend had married another man. He's devastated and not sure what to do. Meanwhile Annie had been living in the Wilcox School for the blind and is finally in a home where she is loved and wanted. I love how we see the continuing Morgan saga but also that the book can be read alone without the reader being confused. This book shows how people treat people with disabilities differently, we see how people shout to the children and Annie assuming being blind makes you deaf also. They also look at Annie as pretty till they find out shes blind then shes ignored. Its sad to think because of a disability people are treated differently and as if they are a burden when infact they can manage quite well. This book deals with acceptance, trust, honesty, and we see Annie being convicted of something she has been hiding and wants to be honest about. Great read.

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