11 October 2011

Book Review Charlotte's Angel by Carol Preston

Preston Carol
Release Date: 01 October 2011
Format: Paperback / softback
Pages: 204
Category: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Even Before Publishing
ISBN: 9781921633324

Product description:
A child growing up in uncontrollable and awkward circumstances, Charlotte Plumb must learn to strive for more than the legacy her mother leaves her. Thomas Douglass, is a strong, determined and caring young man. Rescuing Charlotte drives him on, but will they find love living as children of ex-convicts? With sadness and grief, joy and new birth, mystery, murder and romance the Douglass and Plumb families will intertwine over twenty years. Charlotte's Angel continues the Douglass family saga begun in the much-loved Mary's Guardian, set in the early colonial days of New South Wales.

My Review:
This is the sequel to Mary's Guardian and continues the story of the Douglass family. We see the family growing up and how it is to be the first generation born in Australia. The books starts with Daniel working in Pitt town and coming in contact with the Plumb family. Charlotte is a baby at this stage. The book shows her growing up and dealing with the situation she lives in. We see how the two seem to keep intertwine over the years. Thomas becomes Charlottes champion and takes it on himself to rescue her from her life. I loved Mary's Guardian and it is still in my top ten reads for the year and this book is just as good. Again the book mentions historical incidents and facts from the times and shows just how hard it was for the ex convicts and there families at the time. I loved Charlotte for her innocents and her sweet nature. There were times I would have loved to hit her mother to knock some sense into her as she tends to be quite self absorbed. Thomas is the hero I would love to have fighting for me. He wants to protect Charlotte and make her life easier he also wants to make sure she is safe. One think I love about this book is learning more about Australia's history. We often hear about the free settlers and the military. Most of us know about John Macarthur and how he introduced Merino sheep but most don't know about how the ex-convicts were treated. I am looking forward to more in this series. For my overseas readers if you want to learn about Australian history these books will give you an insight as to how Australia was founded. 


Meredith Resce said...

Can't wait to read it.

Amanda Deed said...

Yes, I enjoyed it too. Great to read about early settlers in Australia. :)

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