18 September 2011

Book Review Wanted: A Family by Janet Dean

The ramshackle Victorian house is all that widowed mother-to-be Callie Mitchell has left. But she's going to make that house into a true home—a home where she and her baby will be safe and happy…and where women in need can find refuge. And if that means trusting stranger Jacob Smith to help with the repairs, then so be it.
Jacob came to town with a handful of old postcards and one goal in mind—to find the mother who'd abandoned him years before. He never planned to stay…and he certainly never planned to care for Callie. Yet as they rebuild the house together, Jacob and Callie also build the familythey've always wanted.

My Review
This is another great book by Janet. I really enjoyed the story. Callie wants to start a home for unwed mothers and we see how she struggles with the idea and raising money, getting the community onside all while she is a widow expecting her first child. Jacob is a drifter who has spent time in Jail albeit for something he didn't do. Jacob is a God send and helps with repairs at the house which badly needs the help. He is an orphan and has come to Peaceful for a reason. The story is set early 1900s when being an unwed mother was considered a huge sin and the women were often shunned I found the story interesting seeing Callie's desire to help these ladies when so many shunned them and thought so bad of them. It made me realise how often the women get labelled and have to deal with what has happened where the man gets of scott free. Its almost like its all the womans fault where quite often the pregnancy is a result of rape but this isn't taken into consideration. The book makes you think about how the women were treated and also deals with prejudices and perceptions. The background story with Callie and Jacob is interesting to watch what develops.


Anonymous said...

Ohh! I love the cover! I will definitely be adding this one to my wishlist!

~Reviews By Molly~

Janet Dean said...

Jenny, thanks for the lovely review! I felt called to write this story. Delighted you enjoyed it!

Hugs, Janet

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