18 September 2011

Book Review Her Rodeo Cowboy by Debra Clopton

Finding Her Way To Love
Everything accountant Montana Brown thought she knew about love and marriage goes topsyturvy when her parents split up. Shaken, she heads to Mule Hollow, Texas, to stay with family and take a chance on an old dream: being a cowgirl. With all her might, she tries to resist the charms of a too–handsome cowboy. Luke Holden is going after his own dream of expanding his ranch. A wife isn't on his wish list. But the Mule Hollow matchmakers are fixin' to lasso Luke and Montana together—with a little faith and love.

My Review:
I loved this story. I have only read one other book set in Mule Hollow and enjoyed that one and this one is really good. We meet some of the other residents of Mule Hollow and the matchmaking ladies. In this book they set there sights on Montana and Luke. Montana is staying with her cousin Lacy and helping look after her nephew Tate while training for barrel racing. Luke provides stock for the rodeo and also has a brother involved in bull riding. Montana has left here job with her father as an accountant after finding out he had an affair is quite angry with him. She is dealing with this issue and is not looking for love. Luke like wise is not looking for love and has dealt with issues with his father also. While neither is looking for love the matchmakers have other ideas. I love seeing these ladies work. There are alot of humourous incidents which add to the story. The book deals with anger, forgiveness, and overcoming issues from the past. A good read.

*thanks to netgalley for my review copy*


Anonymous said...

AWESOME review! I LOVE Love Inspired books. This one is on my wishlist. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can't wait to read it now. :-)

~Reviews By Molly~

Debra Clopton said...

Thank you so much for the great review Aus Jenny! And for mentioning me on your blog. I'm working on the stories of Luke's brothers right now and loving the brothers and hoping readers enjoy thier stories.

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