20 June 2011

Camp Club Girls 13 - 16 reviews

Product description
Elizabeth and Kate are visiting in San Antonio, Texas. While helping out with ministry activities at the Fiesta Noche del Rio on the Riverwalk, they witness a strange string of unfortunate events that threaten the River City Cruise Boat business.

The Camp Club Girls suspect that foul play is afoot. Will the girls reveal the source of the trouble before the River City Cruise Boat business goes bust?

My Review:
I have enjoyed this series and this is another good book to the series. This time we see Elizabeth and Kate and of course Biscuit the wonder dog together in San Antonio. We meet some interesting characters and another mystery. It seems the River City Cruise Boats are having alot of issues and the girls decide to investigate. At the same time Elizabeth and Kate are helping with ministry activities with some of the local children. I enjoyed how this story played out and found its another case of first impressions are not always what they seem.

Product Description:
Something strange is happening in the North Woods. Sydney and Alexis are getting back to nature at a lake in northern Wisconsin. During their stay, mysterious occurrences catch the super sleuths' attention. Mysterious whispers in the woods? An eerie purple glow? Local lore of a missing fur trapper? A shadowy figure in the night?

Is there a wild animal on the loose? Or is it something even more menacing? The Camp Club Girls are determined to solve this mystery before their time in the forest is up!

Book Review:
Another interesting story. The girls always find mysteries and some are easily explained. This time Sydney and Alexis are together in Wisconsin with Sydney's Aunt who is interviewing for a new job in the area. They find a mystery here and start to investigate. Also we see a boy staying in another cabin who thinks girls cant fish, this is like a red rag to a bull to Sydney who is the athletic one of the group. Again we learn things are not always as they seem. Above all I love the way the girls from all sorts of background are such good friends. Another good book.

Product Description:
Bailey and Elizabeth are visiting Bailey's distant cousins in a Native American village in New Mexico when they discover a new mystery. Bailey's cousin Halona owns a pottery shop and Bailey and Elizabeth have come to help out during the busy season. They discover that Halona's family at one point owned a turquoise mine that was the best in the area but somehow over the years the deed to it was lost and nobody knows where it is. The Camp Club Girls are determined to discover the location of both the deed and the mine but things are getting dangerous . . . what will happen when Bailey and Elizabeth go looking for the mine and get trapped inside? Find out in Bailey and the Santa Fe Secret!

My Review:
The last book I read featuring Bailey I didn't enjoy as much so wasn't sure how this book would turn out. I didn't need to worry this book was really good. Bailey and Elizabeth are together in New Mexico visiting a cousin of Bailey's. This story is interesting from the beginning with the interesting scenery and learning more about the area. We see the girls helping at Helona's pottery shop where they learn about the missing turquoise mine. The girls smell a mystery and are eager to help find the missing mine.  The girls share with the Camp club girls and look to solve the mystery. Add a few other interesting things that happen we have another fun book. This would be my favourite book about Bailey.

Product Description:
Kate's helping out her teacher at a small science museum when she accidentally spills water on a fossil . . . they discover that the fossil is a fake when it begins to disintegrate-it's made out of brown sugar! Kate and McKenzie go to the source of where the fossils came from looking to discover who made the switch. At Stone's Throw Quarry fossil camp, they discover that things are not as they seem-they know that the culprit was wearing blue jeans, but it seems as though everyone is now a suspect. Will the Camp Club Girls figure out whodunit before it's too late? Will Kate and McKenzie figure out who is faking?

My Review:
This is another interesting story. Love how it starts with an accident that shows a fossil has been substituted with a fake made of sugar. This leads to Kate and McKenzie on a hunt to find who is stealing the fossils. They go to a fossil camp and have fun learning about fossils while trying to work out who could be switching the fossils. I do love how the girls work together and use bible verses to relate to the mysteries. They meet some interesting people at the camp and have alot of fun at the same time. I found it interesting that while they try to do right sometimes they do make the wrong choice and then have to decide do they tell the truth or cover up. I love how the authors show how sometime the girls can make mistakes and then what happens after and what they do about the choices. These are great books with great morals to them. They are also encouraging books parents can feel happy to have there children read knowing they will learn from the books and have safe stories.

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