20 June 2011

Book Review Rugged & Relentless by Kelly Eileen Hake

Product description:
hire to help them set up and run a sawmill, they never dreamed their tiny town would be overflowing with proposals from bachelors who responded promptly...and in person! Out of this logjam of potential suitors, which one will Evelyn Thompson choose? Jacob Grainger trails his brother's murderer to Hopesfall where, to keep his true intentions secret, Jacob pretends to court Miss Evelyn Thompson. Will this lumberjack-turned-bounty-hunter find himself falling for the enterprising female?

My Review:
This is an interesting book. I love the idea of this series with the 4 friends moving to Colorado and advertising for husbands. This book tell the background story how the Ladies end up moving to Colorado and then advertising for husbands. While all 4 ladies are featured the story is more focused on Evelyn. Jacob ends up in the same town as the ladies trailing his brothers murderer. I love getting to know the ladies and the town. The different characters who turn up in the town are interesting. I love Evelyn's character she is strong and in charge watching her and Jacob spa is really entertaining. Its interesting how men back in this era and even today to a degree don't think women can be business women and think they need looking after. I am looking forward to the next book in the series. The series is different from other historical I have read because the women take the initiative in this series to build and save a town.

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Michelle said...

Hey great review, it does sound very intriguing

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