3 January 2011

Review of Alexis and the Arizona Escapade by Erica Rodgers

Alexis and the Arizona Escapade (Book 9)

By: Erica Rodgers
Alexis is invited to join her grandmother, Molly Windsor, on a trip to the London Bridge Resort in Lake Havasu, Arizona, where she’ll be teaching guests about the English. After hearing reports that London Bridge really is “falling down,” Alexis, soon joined by Elizabeth, is determined to get to the bottom of it. Why does a small fishing boat regularly appear by the stone supports of the bridge? And are the stones, appearing for sale online, really official rocks from the London Bridge? The Camp Club Girls are on the case!

My Review:
I enjoyed this book. Its part of  a delightful series for tweens and the young at heart. It takes me back to my summers when I use to read these sorts of stories and I really wish we had this series when I was younger. This book features Alexis and Elizabeth in Arizona and another mystery to solve. I love how the 6 girls from different states and backgrounds have become such good friends. they age from 9 - 14 and keep in contact via a special website. These are good christian fiction and have lessons for us all to learn in the books. Another good story for tweens. 

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Penny Zeller said...

Thank you for reviewing this book, Jenny! I have a tween daughter and finding wholesome character-building fiction for her reading level (she reads at a high school level)can be difficult. This book looks like just the ticket!

Penny Zeller

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