6 January 2011

Review Maverick Heart by Loree Lough

Maverick Heart
Loree Lough

Nurse Levee O'Reilly and her husband, Dr. Liam O'Reilly, are headed west to the California Territory to practice medicine when their stagecoach is tragically attacked by the infamous Frank Michaels. All alone now and grieving, Levee makes her way to Eagle Pass, Texas. The local doctor can't afford to pay a staff nurse, however, and so she turns to the only other option-teaching. Devoted wholeheartedly to her students, Levee has little time for romance.

Deep down, Daniel Neville wants to be a preacher, but he's battled doubts and distrust for most of his life. Wracked with guilt over his twin sister's death and then "punished" with a limp from an injury sustained during a stampede, Dan dedicates himself instead to serving his family and working with horses on their ranch. Marriage is far from the top of his to-do list, and he aims to keep it that way.

My review:
I enjoyed this book. I hadn't read the first book in the series but didn't feel I missed out on what was happening. I felt for Levee from the beginning of the book when she is attacked by the outlaw and left a widow. I love how Loree used the tragedy to create a wonderful story.  Levee has to make a new life alone in a new town and is devoted to her students where she is now teaching. You can see the love she has for the students. Its interesting seeing Dan and how he interacts with Levee and is dealing with his own guilt. This is another good historical western and I cant wait to read book 3.

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