6 January 2011

Review Kate's Vermont Venture by Janice Hanna

Kate's Cermont Venture 
Janice Hanna
Kate and Sydney visit a small Vermont town during their winter break. But along with their plans to enjoy the local skiing and spend time relaxing, turmoil breaks out at the Mad River Creamery. Rats! Everywhere! Through local gossip, the girls learn that this cheese factory has had a series of strange infestations—ants, wasps, grasshoppers, snakes, and mice—and it seems as though something, or someone, is responsible for this recent turn of events. Will the Camp Club Girls triumph and vanquish the vermin of Vermont?

My Review:
Another good book in this series. Kate and Sydney are featured in this book. They are staying with Kate's aunt and uncle in Vermont where strange things are happening at the Mad River Creamery which the girls want to check out. There is also the chance for some skiing and its fun to see the drama here. I enjoyed this story it was a fun read and also teaches us about overcoming fears and trying new things. Lovely story. This a good series for tweens and there is also a website you can find out more information http://www.campclubgirls.com.

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