5 November 2010

My Review The Crimson Cipher by Susan Page Davis

Product description:
A female Navy cryptographer seeks to save lives...and uncover her father’s killers.
In 1915, German sympathizers escalated acts of sabotage in the United States to keep the nation from joining in the war. Following the mysterious murder of Emma Shuster’s father, Lt. John Patterson invites Emma to become a Navy cryptographer because of the expertise she gained in helping her father develop a cipher system. Emma finds new strength in her faith as she strives to outwit her adversary, known only as Kobold - German for goblin. Can Emma and John find love in the midst of turmoil as America plunges toward war?

About the Author 
SUSAN PAGE DAVIS is an award-winning author of twenty-five novels in the historical romance, romantic suspense, mystery, and romance genres. A Maine native, she lives there with her husband and their two youngest of six children.

My Review:
Another good book By Susan Page Davis.

This book is set during WW1 but before the USA commit to the war. I found it interesting and informative as I knew the US didn't join in the war very early but didn't know of alot of the reasons. I also didn't know about the domestic issues in Canada also.
This book starts with the murder of Emma's father and what happens after. Lt. John Patterson invites Emma to become a Navy cryptographer due to her expertised gained from helping her father develop a cipher system. She is also still trying to find out who killed her father and what they wanted. This was a good read learning about cryptography and how solving the cyphers saved many lives and help turn certain areas of the war. It was good reading about WW1 and this side of the fight.

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