5 November 2010

Book Review Whisper on the Wind by Maureen Lang

Product Description
In Brussels at the height of WWI, a small, underground newspaper is the only thing offering the occupied city hope—and real news of the war. The paper may be a small whisper amid the shouts of the German army, but Edward Kirkland will do anything to keep it in print. Meanwhile, Isa Lassone, a Belgian-American socialite whose parents whisked her to safety at the start of the war, sneaks back into the country to rescue those dearest to her: Edward and his mother. But Edward refuses to go, and soon Isa is drawn into his secret life printing the newspaper . . . And into his heart.

My Review:
This book was set in Brussels in the midst of WW1. Isa Lassone sneaks back to Brussles to rescue those closest to her and Edward Kirkland is the son of the lady who was more of a mother to Isa than her own mother. We see what the war has done to Brussels and how the Germans have taken over. It was an interesting story seeing the war from Belgium's side as a conquered country at the mercy of the Germans. We see samples of how the Germans can do what they say with little regard for anyone else. We also see some good in some of the German soldiers also. What I liked about this book is we see what it was like back in WW1 and how the people try to survive. I also love the secondary stories that happen in this book. We see faith tested in this book and faith doubted in the midst of war. If you have an interest in war time stories this is a must read.

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