16 July 2010

Book Review of Touching the Clouds by Bonnie Leon.

Kate Evans is an adventurous and independent young woman with a pioneering spirit. She pilots a mail-delivery plane in the forbidding Alaskan wilderness, the lone woman in a male profession. But even that seems easy compared to finding true love. She likes a fellow pilot and would even consider marrying him--if it weren't for Paul, a mysterious man on her mail route with a gentle spirit and a past to hide. Can Kate break through the walls Paul has put up around his heart? And will her quest for adventure be her demise?

My Review:
Another great read. This is the first book by Bonnie I have read although I have all her others (just haven't had the time to read them yet) This book won't be my last. I really enjoyed the story. I have been fascinated with Alaska for as long as I could remember and this book just made me want to go more. The book starts in 1935 with Kate flying to Alaska to be a bush pilot. What I love about Kate is she is strong and knows what she wants and goes for it. She also has some issues she needs to deal with. Hearing of some of the areas Kate flies over really does make Alaska sound like a great place to visit. I love how Bonnie protrays Paul also. I was drawn into the whole story and I really cant wait to read book 2. 

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Bonnie Leon said...

Hi Jenny.

How good to read your review. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. I'm working on book three and I love the ending!

Now, you'll have to read some of my Australian books.

Bless you,



Linda Strawn said...

I just finished reading this book and loved it. Bonnie, let us know when the next two books are released.

Ausjenny said...

Thanks for stopping buy. Linda its a great book isn't it I just want to know what will happen next. I love Alaska even though I have never been there.

tracysbooknook.com said...

I enjoyed Touching the Clouds very much! Bonnie Leon's book was intriguing and made me smile!

I thought this novel compared very well with others in the world of Christian historical fiction. It had numerous tricks and turns that kept me turning one page after another well into the night.

I wrote my own review that can be found here:


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