1 July 2010

Book Review of Kate's Philadelphia Frenzy by Janice Hanna

Kate's Philadelphia Frenzy (Book 5)

By: Janice Hanna
“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words…” can destroy your life! That’s what Kate learns when her friend, Andrew, faces the fears of his life as a smear campaign threatens to destroy his dad, a star player for the Philadelphia Phillies. Kate, Sydney, and the other Camp Club Girls cry “foul”! They’re determined to find the base of the problem and call a save!

My Review:
This is book 5 in the Camp Club Girls series. This is a series for tweens with the girls aged between 9 and 14. I may be an adult but am loving this series and wish it had been round when I was younger. It takes me back to my youth when I would read Donna Parker books. I enjoyed this book with Kate and Sydney they have a mystery to solve revolving around Baseball. Kate is a gadget girl and Sydney is a sports mad girl so its a good combination to solve this mystery. I love the way these girls work together. They come from different areas of America and different culture and ethnic backgrounds but all get on so well. I think this is one area I think this series has helped break down barriers and shows that there doesn't need to be issues between people. Each book deals with a bible truth and verses that the girls relate to. This book deals with rumors and how they can cause major problems. A great read for tweens.

For a chance to win Kate's Gadget Girl Gift Basket go to www.campclubgirls.com to find out more info on how you can enter also there is more info on the girls and books there. 

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Janice Thompson said...

Thanks so much for posting this lovely review. I'm glad you enjoyed Kate's story!

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