1 July 2010

Book review of Bailey's Peoria Problem by Linda Carlblom.

Bailey's Peoria Problem (Book 6)

By: Linda Carlblom
What can be tamer than spending time with a bunch of sheep? When Bailey and Alexis visit a cousin’s sheep ranch, they expect a low–key, relaxing hiatus from every day life. Instead, they’re thrust into the throes of a missing millionaire, code–infested animals, and hapless cries for help. It’s “shear” adventure as the Camp Club Girls furrow into the fields and plow the plot on these prairies!

My Review:
This is book 6 in the Camp Club Girls. This time we see Bailey and Alexis staying at Bailey's cousin's sheep ranch and they find a mystery while there. I enjoyed the book partly cos of the sheep ranch as I grew up on a farm and have great memories around the shearing shed. The family is in the middle of shearing so this brought back the memories for me. I love how the girls go about solving there latest mystery and we see the bible references to the sheep know their masters voice and other references to the Good Shepherd. I love how the bible truths are weaved into the stories but do not over take the story. The adventures these girls have and the contact with the other girls via phone and computer is interesting to read. The love and respect they have for each other shows through the contacts. Another good book and I really am looking forward to the next ones in the series. Number 7 and 8 are now out.

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