23 May 2010

Five Ministry Killers and how to defeat them by Dr Charles Stone

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~ 80% of pastors believe being in pastoral ministry has negatively affected their families

~ 70% say they have a lower self-image now than when they first started

~ 40% report serious conflict with a parishioner at least once per month

~ Only 1 of every 10 pastors will actually retire as a minister in some form

Being a pastor is hard, no doubt about it. Burnout is all too common. After serving 30+ years as a pastor, Dr. Charles Stone had enough. He went in search of the killer of ministry. Working with The Barna Group, LifeWay Research, and Christianity Today's NationalChristianPoll.com, he surveyed over 1,900 pastors and 1,000 non-pastors.

He found not one, but FIVE killers and he's calling them out in FIVE MINISTRY KILLERS and How to Defeat Them: Help for Frustrated Pastors

Even better, he's telling pastors how to defeat the killer so that a ministry can live. 
Meet Dr. Charles Stone
Dr. Charles Stone

The pastor of Ginger Creek Community Church in suburban Chicago, Dr. Stone presents the Truth of God's Word to about 1,200 congregants each weekend. He has served in ministry over thirty years and, together with his daughter, is author of Daughters Gone Wild - Dads Gone Crazy.

To watch a video of Dr. Stone discussing his new release from Bethany House,FIVE MINISTRY KILLERS and How to Defeat Them - Help for Frustrated Pastors, simply click on his image to the right. 


"...by spelling out the challenges leaders face, it will help the lay community better understand and appreciate their pastor."Christian Retailing

Five Ministry Killers 
should be required reading for everyone involved in ministry - pastors, other church leaders, and seminary students alike. Moreover, any church member with a sincere desire to obey Bible scripture in contributing to the joy of a pastor's work will want to read this book."ForeWord Magazine

a much-needed book...includes an eye-opening section on the unique challenges faced by the pastor's wife..."Mark Lamberti at marklamberti.com

an excellent book and a must-read for everyone who serves in church leadership!"Jeff Iskra at jeffiskra.com

can help get hidden issues to the surface where they can be dealt with."Brian Proffitt of Preaching Unleashed and Smart Ministry

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