3 January 2010

2010 reading challenge

I wanted to bring this challenge to you. I have joined and have said I will read 66 books I think I will be able to read more but am setting the goal of 6 books a month. which means I should have said 72. which I will go and fix.
and sign up. You can click the link on the right also.
I plan to work out how to set up a list of books I read also and my readers can then post there weekly totals also if you like.
just give me time to work it out.
I was recently on a site with a challenge to readers to read a certain number of books in a year. I debated joining, but decided against it, because I didn't appreciate the non Christian content. Then I thought- why not do one of my own?

So this is my challenge for 2010 for myself and for you readers out there! How many books can you read in a year- how many do youthink you can read?

Starting January 1st and running through December 31st of 2010 I challenge you to read as many books as possible. Every Friday of the new year I will post on my progress and this will be your chance to leave a comment documenting your progress.

The Rules: (it's simple I promise)
~Only CHRISTIAN books count
~Only books started on January 1st count
~This is not a genre specific contest, read whatever genre you love!
~Every Friday on my blog, post how you are doing and I'll keep a running tally on a side bar
~Tell others on your blog about this- let's get the challenge out for others to know about! You might even win a book here that you can read for this challenge! :)

Think you can read a book every week- that's 52 books in year. Think you can do more than that? I'm shooting for 100 books- think I can make it? 2010 Reading Challenge here we come!

Post a comment with a number of books you think you can read in a year, I will keep a running tally on the side bar to keep you all up to date on our progress!


Charity said...

Hey!! I gave you an award!! Come get it at my blog:)

Beth said...

I read at least 158 books in 2009, so I think I'll aim for 160 in 2010 and see how I go.

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