23 December 2009

Focus on Christmas with Patti Lacy

Today we welcome Patti Lacy to my blog for focus on Christmas.
This will be the last post as I am on holidays at present.
I want to wish you all a very happy Christmas.

Firstly, thanks for coming back to my blog this time we are focusing on Christmas.
What do you most associate with Christmas where you live?

Whistling winter winds, steel-gray clouds dumping piles of snow—in my driveway! Sub-zero temperatures! Hey, it’s happening RIGHT NOW—while you Aussies bask in the sun!

2. Do you have any special family traditions you do at Christmas time?

Hushed candlelit church sanctuaries on December 24 top our tradition list, as does unpacking our precious Italian manger scene that has twenty-one-year-old teeth marks. When our children were young, we drew hand-sewn symbols from an Advent calendar and enjoyed a daily treat. Now our focus falls on how best to adore the Child in the manger. Prayer? Fasting?

“Oh, come, let us adore Him…Did I mention that we love singing carols?

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas Carol and if so do you know why?

Was that a lead-in or WHAT? “Silent Night” lends the wonder and emotion of the participants in that first sacred Christmas. Oh, how I hear the cattle lowing, the angels singing, the shepherds sighing with awe…

4. If you could spend Christmas any way you could, how would you celebrate?

Just like we do, in the bosom of our family. We’ve had beach Christmases and Disney World Christmases, but what I like best is gathering before our own hearth and eating at our own table.

5. Do you have any special memories of Christmas?

Growing up in the South, I didn’t understand the meaning of White Christmas until we traveled to Colorado. Suddenly the glittery Christmas cards took on meaning!

6. What is a typical Christmas Eve and or Christmas Day for you?

We attend a Christmas Eve service. How I love the candlelit ones that end with singing…”Silent Night.” Then we prepare a Tex-Mex dinner and have a White Elephant party. Often gifts get recycled in different forms! Yeah, the Santa Claus outfitted baby alligator lurks in the most inauspicious boxes!!
On Christmas Day, we gather around the tree, open gifts, and spend time just being together. It’s pretty low-key.

7. Do you have any Christmas movies or Christmas books you like to see or read each year?

My son adores “The Christmas Story.” I gravitate toward “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” A precious gem that many don’t know about is Truman Capote’s “A Christmas Memory.”

8. Do you have a Christmas message for my readers?
Let the expectations of the world fall away as you turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in that wonderful Infant face, yet let the shadow of the cross remain in your view…

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Patti Lacy said...

Jenny, I had such fun visiting!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!


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