18 November 2009

My review: Christmas love at Lake Tahoe

Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 352
Vendor: Barbour PublishingPublication
ISBN: 1602605637
ISBN-13: 9781602605633

Product Description:

Reserve time for romance in this inspirational Christmas collection where four college grads major in love at a Lake Tahoe lodge. After meeting a handsome paramedic, registered nurse Bethany Stillman discovers there are some wounds only God can heal. A cautious Scarlett McKaye is reluctant to risk her heart to a handsome daredevil who won’t take no for an answer. Stephanie St. John is determined to spurn the advances of a manipulative businessman. Michaela Christiansen’s resolve for a male-free existence is threatened by a widowed forest ranger. Will love lodge in the hearts of these career-minded women?

My Review:
I just finished this Novella this morning and really enjoyed it also. Its a contempory setting with 4 girls who are out of College and all working at a ski lodge owned by one of the girls grand parents. Each story is about one of the girls and we see them deal with different issues. I love again how the stories interwind but are separate. Its good getting to know all 4 girls and seeing how different they are. I love how the stories are all centered around the Snowbird lodge and the 4 girls. It made me want to go to the lodge and experience the magic there.
Another great read. (I just love christmas stories.)
This book was purchased by me.

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