8 October 2009

Never The Bride Review

Never the Bride
Cheryl McKay & Rene Gutteridge

Product Description

Eleven Bridesmaid Dresses Don’t Lie

Since she was just a little girl, Jessie Stone dreamed up hundreds of marriage proposals, doodled the romantic ideas in her journal with her treasured purple pen, and fantasized about wedding dresses and falling in love. She’s been a bridesmaid nearly a dozen times, waved numerous couples off to sunny honeymoons, and shopped in more department stores for half-price fondue pots than she cares to remember.

But shopping for one key component of these countless proposals hasn't been quite as productive–a future husband. The man she thought she would marry cheated on her. The crush she has on her best friend Blake is at very best…well, crushing. And speed dating has only churned out memorable horror stories.

So when God shows up one day, in the flesh, and becomes a walking, talking part of her life, Jessie is skeptical. What will it take to convince her that the Almighty has a better plan than one she’s already cooked up in her journals? Can she turn over her pen and trust someone else to craft a love story beyond her wildest dreams?

Cheryl McKay is the screenwriter for the award-winning film The Ultimate Gift. She also wrote an episode of Gigi: God’s Little Princess, based on the book by Sheila Walsh, and Taylor’s Wall, a drama about high-school violence. She’s been writing since the tender age of five when she penned her first play. Cheryl is originally from Boston, Massachusetts, and currently lives in Los Angeles.

Rene Gutteridge is a critically acclaimed comedy writer and novelist. She is the author of fifteen novels including the Boo series, My Life as a Doormat, the Occupational Hazards series, and the novelization of the motion picture The Ultimate Gift. She lives in Oklahoma with her family.

My Review:

This book has had me wondering how to review it. While its a nice read I did find it not really my type of book. I think I am finding Chick Lits are not really my cup of tea. The concept of the story was fun. This book has a lot of humor but there were times when it would have been good to knock some sense into Jessie. Having God come visiting was an interesting concept and it shows he does care for each of us. As a single I do know how when you are not married there are times it really gets to you and you wonder if it will ever happen an you do obsess to a degree but I was never obsessed like Jessie and found her to be annoying at times in her obsession. When she gives up some control things do improve for her and there were parts of the story I really enjoyed.
I received this book free as part of the Firsts Wildcard tours and if you enjoy chick lits you will probably enjoy this book.

1 comment:

Beth said...

I did enjoy this book, but then I'm quite a bit like Jessie.

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