8 October 2009

Book Review The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow

The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow
Joyce Magnin

Product Description
The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow is the story of an unusual woman, Agnes Sparrow. No longer able or willing to leave her home, where she is cared for by her long-suffering sister Griselda, Agnes has committed her life to the one thing she can do-besides eat. Agnes Sparrow prays and when Agnes prays things happen, including major miracles of the cancer, ulcer-healing variety along with various minor miracles not the least of which is the recovery of lost objects and a prize-winning pumpkin.
The rural residents of Bright's Pond are so enamored with Agnes they plan to have a sign erected on the interstate that reads, "Welcome to Bright's Pond, Home of Agnes Sparrow." This is something Agnes doesn't want and sends Griselda to fight city hall. Griselda's petitions are shot down and the sign plans press forward until a stranger comes to town looking for his miracle from Agnes. The truth of Agnes's odd motivation comes out when the town reels after a shocking event. How could Agnes allow such evil in their midst? Didn't she know? Well, the prayers of Agnes Sparrow have more to do with Agnes than God. Agnes has been praying to atone for a sin committed when she was a child. After some tense days, the townsfolk, Griselda, and Agnes decide they all need to find their way back to the true source of the miracles-God.

My Review:

I received this book free as part of the CFBA tours. I finally finished the book last night.

This book is interesting. There were parts I wished it would move quicker. The opening got me in. We read Agne's story through the eyes of Griselda her sister. The book is set back in the late 60's early 70's. Agnes is now house bound as shes around 700lbs and its hard for her to move much. Griselda is her caregiver and we see how hard being a caregiver can be but also how much a caregiver often gives up. The other side is we also see how protective a caregiver is of the one they care for. No matter how much it can be a hinderence and you tend to lose alot of yourself as the one you care for often becomes quite self centered. We see some of this in this book. Having been where Griselda is I understand this quite well. Agnes prayers for people and through her praying miricles seem to be happening. When a stranger comes to town with a prayer request he seeks Agnes out and asks her to pray for him without revealing his issue.
Some of the reactions from the town folk when an event happens are quite interesting. It shows true human nature. While I did find it a little long. As the Story went on I did want to keep reading to find out what would happen next.

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