3 December 2008

Christmas focus on Snowbound Colorado Christmas and Giveaway

This week I am focusing on Snowbound Colorado Christmas. All 4 authors have given there time to do an interview for us and One has graciously offered a copy for a give away.

Product Description:
Relive the Christmas of 1913 thorough the eyes of young people in love as snow falls in a record-setting blizzard. During Christmas the Christmas of 1913, Colorado is buffeted with snow and four couples find that taken refuge also means taking a look at the past and giving love a chance for the future.

My Review:
I loved this Novella, I was in Adelaide with mum in hospital and books were my escape. I am so glad a friend sent this one up to me as I was running short of reading matter and had some of my tbr list sent to me. I love Christmas novels and I enjoy reading about other places like where there is snow! As I have never seen fresh snow it amazes me. This story is based around an actual Blizzard and tells 4 stories all interrelated. I Enjoyed all 4 stories, each was special in there own ways. If you enjoy Christmas stories this is a wonderful book. 4.5 out of 5 great read.

Thanks to Susan Page Davis we have a copy of this book to giveaway. You will have to work to have a chance to win this book. As this book is about Christmas in a blizzard. If you were snowed in during Christmas with a group of people whats is something special you may do for Christmas. I know this will challange the aussies out there as most of us would be so unprepared. Contest ends on Dec 10 6pm aussie time.

Please also stop back and support the 4 authors who gave up there time to do an interview. I will be posting one a day.


Beth said...

Try acting out the Christmas story. If there aren't a lot of people then some can play multiple roles.
Or maybe have a scrabble tournament.

I love other books by these authors so this should be great!

Susan Page Davis said...

Some of our characters do resort to games in the stories, and they certainly help pass the time, whether you're cooped up in a Victorian house, a line shack, or a fancy hotel. Thanks for stopping by!

Becky C. said...

I would suggest sitting around a roaring fire, and sing Christmas carols, and hopefully, there would be a Bible, and read the Christmas story, and reminisce about your fondest Christmas memories, and you could also play charades!

Please enter me in the contest.

Thank you

Becky C.


Crystal said...

We actually WERE snowed in one Christmas in Ky back in the 1970's... I was in middle school/junior high and we were out of school so long that they put school on television and the newscasts ran special reports about dealing with cabin fever. If I was snowed in at Christmas... as long as we were all safe, I would relax and really focus on and enjoy the company. We live in such a rushed world these days that we don't have the luxury of spending enough time just talking and learning about each other's backgrounds. Everyone has interesting stories to share if we just stop long enough to listen. I think the deepened friendships would be the best gift of that Christmas.
This book sounds fabulous. I love the concept. Please enter me and have a Blessed Christmas.


Cherie J said...

We would build a fire to gather round it and maybe roast weenies or marshmallows or make smores if we have any of the supplies. We could sing Christmas songs and share stories about past Christmas'. Perfect opportunity to reminisce. We could also play games like Charades. Sounds like it could be fun. Have a blessed Christmas!


Jo said...

This would definitely be the time to stay nice and warm and cozy with the heat or fireplace and spend time sharing with one another. Also, read the bible and pray. Please enter me in the drawing.


Anonymous said...

This books sounds so fun and I live close to Colorado(WYoming)

Please enter me in the contest...

Gayla Collins

Sheri said...

If I were snowed in with a bunch of people on Christmas Day we would wake up early and have Monkey bread for breakfast, I would have the kids round up some presents or make some for our guests, we would read the Christmas story and then open our gifts. After that we would eat together and play games till we drop!

Anita Yancey said...

We would probably play games,and stuff our faces with losts of food. Then talk and play Christmas music. Loved the review.

Pamela J said...

We have had the snow so deep we couldn't hardly get the door open. Is that snowed in??? If we hadn't gone out when we did, the door wouldn't have pushed open because the snow was not only deep but it was heavy and wet instead of light and fluffy.

I don't need entered in the drawing because I got to purchase the book at the ACFW Conference's book store. I have not read it yet but look forward to very soon now before Christmas is over.

Pam W

Susan Page Davis said...

What great memories! I hope that if any of you are snowed in this year, it lasts just long enough for you to get that special snug feeling, and not cabin fever! Wish I could send all of you southerners a bushel of snow.

ladystorm said...

Well, I haven't been snowed in but we have been iced in with snow on top of it, so I do know the answer to this question...lol It is Confession time..hehehe One year we were at my grandparents (my moms parents) with a group and we had no electric and couldn't go no where we sat around with candles and got to talking about things we did and my mom confessed a lot of those onery things she done when she was young that her parents didn't know she did..lol it was real fun.

Laetitia :-) said...

I tend to dabble in several crafts so I have a craft cupboard with various odd supplies. I'd try to get everyone to create a Christmas ornament (no matter how tacky) then hide said ornament. Everyone puts their name in a hat and pulls out someone else's name - they have to find that person's ornament.

Provided the electricity was working and we had the supplies we could each cook a favourite dish to share while giving God thanks for the fact we had someone with whom to share it.

When the snow stopped I'd try to get everyone to play 'snow angels'.

Please enter me in the draw!

Carole said...

Providing we had electricity, we would sip hot mulled cider as we played Mexican Train. My daughter learned about this domino game the summer she spent with missionaries in Indonesia, and it is one of our favorites. Thanks for a great giveaway!

cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

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