8 August 2008

Book Review More Than Dust In The Wind by Donald James Parker

Book 2 of the Masterson Family Series - The saga of Bambi continues as the young basketball player steps up to the college level. Later, the end of his scholastic days brings new changes and challenges as he enters the playing court of adult life. He discovers his enthusiasm, energy, and talent aren't always enough to win this game. A new friend introduces him to the Evolution debate, and Bambi begins a new chapter in his life as he becomes a truth seeker. Many novels have been written about boys sports, but girls track and cross country have been mostly ignored. These sports are featured in this book through the exploits of a delightful new character named Maria, whom readers watch growing up in this story.

My Review:
When I read this book I didn't want to stop. The story starts with Bambi playing in a Basketball tournament, his girlfriend Lisa is a Cheer Leader. They have some differences in religious beliefs which cause a few problems. As the book develops we see some exciting and happen. Through Maria we see what good sportsmanship is and also see the true competitive spirit. The story also deals with tragedy and we see how it is dealt with. In the book Bambi is introduced to the evolution debate and spends time looking into this subject. I knew evolution was taught in schools but didn't realize it was taught as a fact rather than a theory.
I enjoyed this book and it left me wanting to read book 3 in the series.
4.5 out of 5 for this book.

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